Immerse your body into soothing digital spaces for better sleep, relaxation and meditation

How Still Works

STill transports you on a shore, with gentle waves touch-ing your feet, while the guiding voice helps you relax and reconnect with yourself.

You sit,
with your feet on STill.
Wear your headphones, personalize
sound and temperature
your eyes

STill combines pressure and temperature to trick your brain into feeling wetness sensations.

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We guide, you relax

Some of the most expert the field give their voices to guide you into a deep medita-tion and help you immerse your body into a restoring space.

Woods & Forests

Wave yourself

Controlled pressure stimulation simulates waves touching your feet. You can choose to be on a lake, ocean, or pond...

Woods & Forests

Hot ‘n’ cold

Fine temperature control, from 5°C to 45°C, personalized to your perception and preference.

Woods & Forests


Experts guiding stories materialize into naturalistic environments, rich of real sensations that you can feel.


Select your stories based on your well-being needs. The experience will adapt to your perception, not the other way around.


Log-in and data are always anonymous. The experience stays between your body and mind.


STill has no side effects.

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Our pillars


STill is based on a decade of research at the Blanke lab (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) on how our brain integrates touch with other senses to provide us with the most fundamental subjective feeling: the feeling of having a body.

Multisensory stimulation of the body is crucial for designing digital therapeutic experiences.

80% of participants report improved meditation experience with STill when compared to app-like meditations.


Our tech, MetaTouch, interacts with your skin and creates a lifelike touch experience by combining temperature, pressure and vibrations.

Fine control over temperature stimulation makes it possible to tap into physiological thermoregulation processes essential for sleep and relaxation.

STill uses neuroscience-based algorithms to integrate touch and temperature with soundscapes and sleep, relaxation and meditation stories.


Practices are design by Diego Hangartner, meditation expert and co-Founder of Mind&Life Europe.

Millenarian relaxation & meditation techniques focus on bodily sensations: breathing, body scanning, visualizations to facilitate the process. Still creates and supports these sensations.

Grounded in classic principles of contemplative practices, our approach has been validated by key opinion leaders and expert in contemplative practices.